1. Research on Standardization of Safety and Reliability Evaluation Method

We are researching the evaluation method for the safety and reliability of the transportation system in compliance with the international standard considering RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety). Based on that method, we are evaluating the safety and reliability of real systems and machines to verify its effectiveness. Furthermore, we are researching international standardization of the evaluation method.

2. Research on Certification Engineering

It is called “certification” to certify that the technology and products are compliant with international standards. We are considering the certification method from an engineering point of view to establish standard certification methods, and standardize and unify the necessary certification procedures when manufacturers export overseas.

3. Research on Evaluation Method of Communication Security related to Automatic Driving System and Promotion of International Standardization

We are establishing communication security evaluation method as well as considering international standardization through participation in the automatic driving project within the SIP (Strategic Innovation Program) being promoted by the government and participation in the radio train control system development project currently being developed.

4. Research on Development and Evaluation Method on New Transportation System

Transportation systems are composed of supporting, guiding and driving vehicles. Various transportation systems can be considered by combining the methods of supporting, guiding and driving. For example, a new transportation system is produced when supporting and guiding a vehicle by high-temperature superconducting and driving the vehicle with a linear motor. We are developing the concept of a new transport system that combines methods to support, guide, and drive in this way through industry-academia cooperation, verifying its effectiveness by experiments, and studying an evaluation method.